HumHub .htaccess file upload vulnerability and remote code execution

[+] LF-ID: LEAKFREE-2015-003
[+] CVSS: 9.0
[+] Vendor: HumHub
[+] Product: HumHub
[+] Versions affected: 0.10.0 and earlier


HumHub [1] versions 0.10.0 and prior suffer from a file upload sanitation vulnerability which allows an attacker to upload arbitrary .htaccess files with varying consequences [2]. Direct access to the uploads/file/ directory is denied by HumHub through the usage of .htaccess but an attacker can upload a .htaccess file starting with:

<Files ~ "^\.ht">
    Require all granted
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

To allow direct access to the uploaded .htaccess file (and override general .htaccess settings within the directory). Depending on the enabled apache modules an attacker can execute various types of attacks ranging from information disclosure (when mod_info and mod_status are enabled), eg.:

SetHandler server-info


SetHandler server-status

to remote code execution (when mod_php is enabled, which is a prerequisite for HumHub to function), eg.:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .htaccess
# <?php phpinfo(); ?>

HumHub comes with a .htaccess.dist [3] file in the HumHub root directory which, if enabled by the user, prevents direct access to dotfiles (such as .htaccess, .svn, .git, etc.) using mod_rewrite. Since mod_rewrite is unaffected by the override (and using the RewriteEngine Off directive does not affect the .htaccess file itself) this prevents the above scenario from being exploitable. Regardless, it is still possible for an attacker to execute an unrestricted XSS or CSRF attack by abusing the ErrorDocument directive, eg.:

ErrorDocument 403 <htmlpayload>

Since the included .htaccess.dist is not enabled by default, however, an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to its full extent on an out-of-the-box HumHub installation.


Upgrade to the latest HumHub release [4]


1. http://humhub.org

2. https://github.com/wireghoul/htshells

3. https://github.com/humhub/humhub/blob/master/.htaccess.dist

4. https://github.com/humhub/humhub/releases


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